My journey to Islam began when a dear friend gave me a Quran

Revert: Erika
Revert Date: September 15, 2018
Nationality: Spain & Dominican
Previous religion: Christianity

“Assalamu Aliakum Ramatullahi Wabarakatu♥️, My journey to Islam began when a dear friend gave me a Quran. Since I opened it I cried because I never had the feeling that everything is gonna be okay. I was struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts.

I grew up as a Christian and as a Catholic but I was feeling empty. I asked Allah swt, that please let me be close to Him cause deep inside me I knew that He was there and Alhamdulilah he listened to me🙏🏽. I lost friends and family but now I have Him and He is the only one who full-fills my life♥️ Allahu Akbar.
A life changing experience: I was praying and at one point I started doubting about if Allah swt was listening my duas. So a friend of mine was making Hajj at that time and he sent me a pic that he was making dua for me in Makkah (a long time passed without talking with my friend), after that I realized that Allah swt was truly listening to me.
The Hispanic and latino community are very close minded when you talk about religion. For them, it’s just Christianity and Catholicism. Nobody talks about Islam, the only thing they believe that every muslim person is a terrorist. So it has been kind of hard.

I lost many friends including one of my sisters, but Alhamdulilah I had other friends that started asking more about Islam and they found out that it’s a beautiful religion❤️.

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