My family believe that Islam is “barbaric”

Revert: Sister Sherry
Revert Date: 2011

Hello brothers and sisters,

I come from a non-religious family and most of my family and relatives believe that Islam is “barbaric” and just evil. It makes me so sad to hear them make those comments because Islam is the opposite. It’s a beautiful, peaceful, and compassionate way of life that prepares us for the eternal life that’s to come. I am so grateful to Allah SWT for guiding me.

I’ve been practicing ever since I was graduated from high school. That’s where I saw a poster about Islam (I lived in a non-Muslim area) and I was not interested until I saw the words “free pizza” so my friend and I attended for the food lol! But I left the room questioning my existence, purpose, and death. Over time I came to realize Islam is the only way.

It’s been 7 years and counting that I have been practicing this deen Alhamdulilah. and although my family first thought it was a “phase” I think they are coming to accept that this is the life I have chosen for myself until the day I die InshaAllah. The moral of the story, be grateful for this deen, even if everyone around you is trying to push you away from it. It’s all a test and YOU are the one who will have to answer for your deeds, not your loved ones, it’s just you.

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