I use to hate Muslims and Islam

Revert: Gang
Age: 19
Revert Date: 2016
Country of Origin: Australia

Hello wonderful people!

During my high school days, I use to hate Muslims and Islam. I would make fun of them. Living most of my life without family since childhood made me feel lonely.

In my high school, a teacher stood out a lot. She was a niqabi, I disliked her very much. She was getting so much hate and she was just smiling as nothing impacts her.

One day, it was lunchtime, I saw her praying in her empty classroom. I didn’t care if she prayed or not but what actually stopped me from? She had noor/light on her face. I was confused.

After that, I kept asking myself. What is life anyway? Just eat sleep and work? I knew there is God somewhere but I needed proof in front of me. For a few months, I did research on different religions but I never bothered researching Islam until one day I decided to get a Quran for fun.

One night, I decided to do something. I sat at the table and said to myself “Okay Lord, show me your proof now, do some magic anywhere. Show me any signs!” I was frustrated and tired thinking to myself that I am going insane but when I open the Quran, the first thing I read was “He shows you his signs. Which then of the Signs of Allah will you deny?” I was surprised and flipped another random page from the Quran and read ‘And He found you lost and guided you’.

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