I found a purpose in life

  • Revert: Ivana
  • Revert Date: September 11th, 2018
  • Nationality: Serbia

“It all started 2 years ago when I come to Malta. My first neighbors were Muslim. We become close. When Ramadan started they told me and then I started reading about Islam and I found all the answers.

Of course, I didn’t believe it from the start, but after I started reading the Qur’an, my life changed. I stopped eating pork, I didn’t feel nice anymore in short clothes, and after a few months now my husband proposed to me. We got married shortly after that. I watched him while he prayed. I even tried fasting.
I didn’t feel good anymore being a Christian and I told him I want to revert. He talks with me and asks me if I’m sure and after a few times of telling him that I want to, I did it. I become so happy and a peaceful person. I grew up in a country where no one talks about religion and God, so after I read about Islam, I found a purpose in life. I’m originally from Serbia, but I’m living in Malta, I’m here for almost 2 years now.
In Serbia, we don’t have Muslims. I mean we have but they don’t speak. No one knows about them. Women don’t go out. I’ve never seen in my life one woman with hijab on the street”.

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