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I converted alone in my room

Revert: Kelly
Revert Date: Ramadan 2016
Nationality: French
Previous religion: Atheist

“Assalamu Alaikoum.

I converted 2 years ago in Australia, though I am French. I grew up hearing people making fun of religion and saying there was no good in it.

I moved to Australia at 18yrs old and I was living my best life. I had been feeling empty inside for as long as I can remember and subhanAllah Islam came to me. It came slowly, first because there was so much history I didn’t know ! Then, the rules seemed appealing.
Being French, I was extremely free growing up, I was told I could be anything I wanted. But I got lost in that freedom. I converted alone in my room. But I didn’t “feel” Muslim yet and since I didn’t know how to pray, I repeated the Shahada at the time of each 5 prayers, for 2 weeks.

Even in times where I could have doubts in my imaan, I find the world is way too crazy to make sense on its own. Alhamdulillah.
I’d say realising that my dad had converted for 4 years, without telling anyone, was the most powerful moment. It helped me with my faith so much!
In France, history plays a massive part in how people experience religion. They don’t want to see it, and tend to believe that religion is the reason for the world to be a mess.

Even if they were to eradicate religion, they don’t realise humans will find ways to hurt others or be different. French should work with Muslims. A dialogue is missing”.

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