Adzaan made me interested in Islam

Revert: Elliot Dhaka
Revert Date: April/May 2016
Country of Origin: Zambia
Current Residence: Bridgeport, CT, USA

“So, back in Zambia, I use to hear the Adzaan (call to prayer). Not quite sure what it was back then. I use to hear it and at the time I was living with my cousin and we were pretty close to a masjid (mosque). And we can hear the Adzaan going on you know ‘Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akba..’ and I wasn’t really sure what it was…but it sounded nice, it sounded good. And it interested me more in Islam. It made me more curious. It was like a driving question”.
This is the first post of a long-awaited series of Muslim revert stories, Alhumdulillah (All praises is to God). With Islam being the fastest-growing religion in the world, many are wondering, why? How have some Muslims who once lost their identity and fell into the shadows of darkness – now awoken and found true meaning to life after coming back to this beautiful religion? God willingly, this is the start of a unique, story-telling project filled with emotion and spiritual ecstasy that will help spread the message of Islam all across the globe to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. To learn more, send us a direct message!

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