Adhan spoke to my soul

  • Revert: Alicia Hernandez Strong
  • Revert Date: March 26th, 2014
  • Race/Ethnicity: African American and Puerto Rican

The first time I heard the adhaan I cried. I didn’t understand why at first. Something about it spoke to my soul.

The first time I heard the adhaan was when my high school world history teacher was teaching a unit on World Religions. It was at a point in my life where I was basically agnostic because Catholicism was not fulfilling me spiritually.

Hearing the adhan for the first time in history class was the beginning of my journey to Islam. The more I learned about religion the more I fell in love with it.

Islam is so simple and Allah is merciful and kind. He gives us so many chances to redeem ourselves and seek forgiveness. He guides us to a path of peace and tranquility. He urges us to seek justice in a world full of oppression.

The love and guidance from Allah have kept me strong, even in the lowest points of my life. Alhamdulilah for Islam.

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