Established in 2018


Muslim Revert Stories, an initiative taken to document the stories of individuals that Allah has guided back to the religion of Islam. Using modern technology such as social media and cinematography, our team hopes this new initiative can be used as a form of Dawah for Muslims and Non-Muslims alike. 

You may ask, how can you invite a Muslim back to Islam? Well, believe it or not, there are many Muslims who choose to leave the fold of Islam because they weren’t raised on Islamic values or because they were put through certain circumstances which causes them to lose hope and fall into severe depression and anxiety. 

We hope, these stories we share will be extremely motivating, moving, and eye capturing and will leave a lasting impact that can possibly cause someone to become a better person and a better Muslim.

In the past few years, as we have traveled throughout the US and elsewhere, our team has come across a ton of individuals that have the most heartwarming and emotional stories of how and why  

We look forward to your stay.

Muslim Revert Story


To document the stories of individuals 


To motivate and impact lives of people and help them become better person and a better Muslim.