I knew Islam was the truth

  • Revert: Ian (Yunus)
  • Revert Date: March 12th, 2010
  • Nationality: British
  • Previous religion: Christianity

“I remember being asked once ‘what do you believe?’ And my answer was ‘I don’t know’ something then pushed me to find an answer.

My “spiritual Journey” to finding Islam was a two year path, the first year consisted of reading multiple books of different faiths. The Bible, The Torah, I looked into Buddhism, Rastafarianism and other spiritual faiths. I always had a belief in God from a young age.

I just didn’t believe what I heard at Sunday school or at church, being brought up “semi-Christian” my family weren’t particularly religious. We just celebrated Christmas and ate Easter eggs really. There were many reasons that led me to buy an English translation of the Quran, one being the autobiography of Malcolm X.

However, the step in taking my shahada was a year-long process made up of anxiety and fear of change, it took a near-death experience that led me into intensive care for me to realize the truth. ‘what had I been doing this year?’ I knew Islam was the truth but this moment being told I could have died made me realize and fear, I could have died non-Muslim and I did not want this.

Once I recovered, I went to the mosque close to my home in Birmingham and took my Shahada. That day, I joined a very large family and realized how beautiful our Ummah is. It was like a weight had been lifted off my Shoulders. I was Safe Alhamdulilah.
I would say the most important moment since reverting to Islam happened when I married my wife. It’s like, everything fell into place for me at that point. Allah swt made it very easy for me to get married once he knew I was ready, SubhanAllah”.

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